RISLEY have just had a litter of nine puppies . Sire is Nadal and Dam is Ruala. Pups are now a week old on 15/4/17
successful mating. We will also be mating Ruala to Nadal due to a
recent mating not having come to fruition. Enquiries are always welcome. All Risley puppies are endorsed as cannot be bred from,

this is to safeguard our dogs being purchased by unscrupable people who do not have any real interest in the breed. Puppies come on a puppy contract with lifetime support. We care about our dogs and feel it is a huge responsability to ensure they find forever homes with suitable families.

Marnie to Lux mating 2017

We will be mating  marnie to lux  in May,2017 this will be her first  litter, we are excited at what this mating may produce. Marnie is in season now ! It was planned that she would go to France and luxemboug to hopefully finish these titles prior to mating, she will now go early 2017. Show enquiries welcomed in relation to what promises to be a very exciting  litter . This will produce a 0.0 coefficient.

We occasionally know of older vizslas looking for special homes. We would work alongside rescue in the UK. All dogs are health tested.