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Diva aka  Sh Ch, Int Ch Risley Rear of the Year, Jun Ch continues to be a joy to have around. We have just applied to the FCI for her International Ch title. We  are   hopefull she will  have puppies  in early July 2012.
Diva has a hip score of 5/4.
We plan to mate Diva to Flint Aus Ch Hanafor the Executioner who lives in England having emigrated from Australia.  Flint has gained his UK Sh Ch title since his arrival in the UK Flint has a hip score of 3/3 and an elbow score of 0/0. 
Flints grandfather was Sh Ch Gardenway Dramatist ( Grebe)  who was a lovely dog by all accounts. We are lucky enought to have a Grebe son and daughter by an AI mating.

Risley In It To Win It  ( Katja) and Risley Too Cool For School (Bailley).

We are hoping  if everything goes to plan we will be  looking  forward to some babies in July fingers crossed.

Enquiries always welcome although this litter is already subscribed we may have one possibly two pups  available.

Diva will have her final litter this year, she will be mated in Sept/Oct with puppies ready to go the end of Febraury,2014. Enquiries welcomed we have already four puppies booked from this impending litter.

Diva today received notification of her International Sh Ch title. She has retired from the show ring and will shortly be busy with maternity duties (hopefully)

Diva`s babies..

On 2nd July, 2012 Diva gave birth to 8 puppies , unfortunately we lost a very tiny puppy, the remainder of the pups continue to thrive. They are already a week old, how time flies. This time we have 2 girls and five boys. We kept a bitch from this litter Risley The Girl Has It All we were delighted with the litter and feel that the dog complimented Diva by providing a bit more bone into the line.

Ruala has her own page ....



Diva as a baby,,,

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Diva had her last litter so it was imperative that we kept a girl to follow in her mothers footseps.

Diva had 8 puppies to Nadal, it was a hard decision choosing but as we had Bridie stay with us till she was 10 weeks old waiting on her flying out to Bermuda and her new famiy the decision was made. Vhari who was supposed to be called Adele but the name had to be changed due to Nadal anwsering everytime you callled her. Vhari whose show name is Risley Rumour Has It,, Vhari is a whirlwind fearless, its a good job our adult males have excellent temperments as she constantly taunts them.. Vhari went too her first weekend of shows on 4th October and 5th. On both days she took best baby puppy in breed, went really well, so like her mother on the move.

Vhari will have her own web  page soon.