Marco`s journey

Sh Ch/ Lux Ch/ Int Ch Risley Mark the Moment,  will be three on 12th July, 2012. His accomplishments to date have been amazing. Marco is home bred his sire is Aus Ch Hungargunn Hyperno and his dam is Stanegate Anastacia at Risley.
Marco was from  a litter of nine puppies, we ended up keeping a dog and a bitch , his sister Dakota will have her own page.

Marco is one of the most loving dogs I have ever owned, he always tries to please and is much loved. He started his career with a bang getting his first green star as a 6 month old puppy. To date he has in excess of 50 green  stars,  18 group wins, and three BIS, and numerous BIS placings. In 2011 Marco was third overall in the Show Dog ot the Year final. He has been invited to attend  again in 2012.The event will be held on 18th February, 2012. He also qualified for the Champion of Champions event which took place in January, 2012, Marco was reserve on the night our thanks to the judge Mr. Jose Juan Vidal Montero.
Marco was the annual champion in 2010 and 2011 having the most green stars in the calendar year.

On our first trip abroad to Luxembourg Marco gained his Lux Ch title, the CAC, CACIB and was 2nd in a very strong group. At SKC he was awarded the Reserve CC our thanks to Mrs Jackie Perkins breed specialist for awarding our boy this honour.
Marco now has his UK stud book number.

Marco will again be invited to attend the show dog of the year event for 2013 as he finished 2nd overall grp 7 , as he shared points with his sister.

If Marco never went to another show in his lifetime he would continue to be our special boy, a joy to live with and a pleasure to be owned by...

A head shot of Marco, he has such a soft expression he just melts your heart.

Champion of Champions event

We had a fantastic night at the Green Isle Hotel in Dublin which was the venue for the  Champion of Champions event. All of the dogs entered were immaculately turned out and all on their best behaviour.

The judge for the evening was Mr. Jose Juan Vidal Montero to whom we would like to extend out thanks for awarding Marco reserve Ch of Ch. We would also like to thank our friend Jane Anthony who handles Marco for her skill and empthay  that she always shows when handling any of our dogs.

The night was really enjoyable as we were at the table with our friends and the night passed very quickly or so we thought till we looked at the clock and discovered it was 3.30 am..

Really looking forward to the Show Dog of the Year on 18th February, 12 whether you get placed or not you are sure to enjoy the fabulous company.

Marco with our friend Jane Anthony who handles Marco. Our judge Mr Jose Juan Vidal Montero who was very compliementary about our boy.

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The picture below is our merry group enjoying the festivities at the Champion of Champions event at the Green Isle Hotel January, 2012.

Below you can see Marco and Jane strutting their stuff under the watchful eye of the judge Mr Jose Juan Vidal Montero.

The merry band at the Champion of Champions event. Thanks for the picture Noel .

Criteques of Marco

Mr C Mackay, Gundog Specialist UK
Head balanced - good head work , kind eye,with good reach of neck. length of upper arm to lay of shoulder excellent. Body good depth and strength. Excellent turn of stifle. Covers maximum amount of ground with minimum effort.
........................................................................................................     Risley Mark THe Moment
" Lovely balanced young dog, true to type, excellent head & eye, strong neck & well laid shoulders, firm topline & short, ribs well sprung, good angulation, excellent movement with hocks well let down. Handled & presented in good coat, no doubt should have a good future. Pleased to awarded him 2nd in Group 7.
Judge: Mrs. Maudie Burke.
Risley Mark the Moment:
Very stylish young dog with lovely head and lively expression. Head of good proportions & free from any excess good ear set Neck of good lenght and going into well muscled, laid back shoulder, good length of upper arm and good bone. Feet nice and tight and parallel Good deep chest with super sternum which is so lacking these days. Nice well muscled loin with nice tuckup.
Hindend well muscled with good angulation throughout. Well set tail. Moving with elegance and soundly bothways.
Pleased to give him BOB and will watch next year with interest.
Colm Beattie. Gundog Specialist.
Risley Mark the Moment.
'Precocious young dog with great ring presence. Masculine head of correct proportions, lengthy neck, good shoulders, excellent front, resilient pasterns, well sprung rib, presents a well balanced picture, powerful and accurate mover.'
Sue Brophy

Marco and Jane strutting their stuff under the watchful eye of the judge Mr Jose Juan Vidal Montero

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Marco and Jane continue to do well in the show
ring. At the recent shows at Clonmel and South Tipp
Marco took the green stars and res BOB 
on both days, and gained his 5 th CACIB which allows us to apply to the IKC for his
International show Champion title.
Our thanks to Jane Anthony for her exceptional
handling of the Risley team.

Marco always gives his best, he loves showing and always looks fantastic when piloted by Jane who he adores.
Marco has nothing to prove he is one in a million. Someone once said to be I didn't realise what I had, how wrong they were.

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Marco continues to do extremely well in the ring. He turned three on 4th July and in his short life has won three Best in Shows, numerous groups , in excess of 60 green stars and BOB.

Marco is a dog in a million and he will always have a special place in my heart as he is such a wondefull dog, who always aims to please, and is a true velcro vizsla

We finished 2012 with Marco taking GS, BOB, and went onto be placed 2nd in Grp 7 under gundog specialist Mrs Rachel Shaw-Rainey to whom we extend our appreciation.

He has again  qualified for Show Dog of the Year to be held in February, 2013. How pround we are of our special boy.

Marco having just won group 7 steered to success by his handler Mrs Jane Anthony to whom we extend out thanks. x

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Marco and Jane on the move, its a good job Jane has long legs to keep up with Marco and his sister Dakota.

Latest advert courtesy of Our Dogs Ireland

This was Marco & Jane recent advert we were really pleased with it, I am sure it wont be the last...