Dakota`s news:

Sh Ch, Int Ch  Risley Made to Order also known as Dakota was born on 12th July, and  on readingD her brother Marco`s page you will be able to read all  about her Sire and Dam.

Dakota was from a litter of nine puppies, right from the start she was a proper bossy boots, very strong willed but very loving. On an evening she will lie on the back of the settee and try to wrap herself around your neck, which just cant happen given that she weighs 20 kg. Dakota`s show name was chosen as she was the product of an AI mating and so literally was made to order.

Dakota has been slower than her brother finding her feet in the show ring but recently has really progressed,  having gained 19 green stars in 2011, two group 7 places and 2 group 4 places. Dakota will be three in July and it is planned that she may be mated late 2012. Exciting days ahead.

Dakota is handled by our friend Jane Anthony to whom we extend our thanks and appreciation.

Dakota and our friend Jane Anthony who handles Dakota , having just won the group.

Show update:

r first how of 2012 will be St Patricks day show at Cloghran, we ndAKOTAeed to keep an eye ow lostars both days and BOB. She also gained her 5 th CACIB and subject to IKC confirmation we will apply forher International show Champion title. Our thanks to Jane Anthony for handling the Risley team and for her empathy showing the fabulous Dakota..



Dakota adores Jane !!!!


Dakota continues to enjoy showing, and it is hoped when she is waithdrawn to mate she will only miss a few shows. Dakota and Marco were from an exceptional litter and it will be a litter to remember.
Dakota has remarkable extension, reach and drive. She is a truly remarkable bitch, who will I am sure produce some fabulous puppies.The sire has been carefully chosen and all arrangements have been made in terms of the mating.This has been planned for over a year and I am sure it will be worth the wait.....

Dakota`s International Sh Ch title has been applied for....

You need to be able to run to keep up with Dakota

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Dakota has done exceptionally well in the ring in 2012, she has been slow to mature but now enjoys all the razamataz... Dakota is hip scored and will be mated later this year to a carefully chosen sire, the prospective mating has been a year in the pips line. we had to find a special boy for our special girl.

The search was over when we found our special dog in Gr Ch, Russet Leather Wild Bill Cody. MH, MHA, RA
Cody is multi talented having gained his Gr Ch title in the show ring, and his Master Hunter and Master Hunter Advanced title in the field. He also has his Raleigh Advance title in obedience. Dakota has been scanned and deemed to be in pup babies expected 28th December, 2012.. Lots of excited people waiting on the arrival of this very special litter.

Dakota has her Sh Ch, Int Ch and Jun Ch titles so a lot of time will be spent typing up the pedigrees from theses special dogs.

Enquiries welcome on this exceptional mating.
New page will be done on this mating.

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Dakota as expected produced exceptional pupppies. I kept two puppies a male and female to show, one went to England to be shown , with another going to Dublin to be shown , and the owner of the stud dog took back a puppy to the United States to be shown. Two years has passed and the two puppies we kept have their Ch titles. Sioux who went to California has her Sh Ch title and her Junior Hunter title and is currently chasing points for her Gr Ch title.

The puppy that went to England is regularly featuring in their owners television show and is in a  fabulous home. Lastly the bitch who went to Dublin is not being shown now due to being nuetered,.

We were so delighted with the litter it is hoped to do a repeat mating in early 2016 of this combination given what the litter produced.



Dakota is retired from the show ring now, it is planned she will be mated Nov/Dec 2015 this will be her last litter so the seatrch is on for a suitable sire. We hope to be able to get something to show from Dakota to carry on her line.,

Her son and daughter are both Champions and have  the true classic velcro vizsla personality.