Bailley also known as Risley Too Cool for School will be one year old on 5th June 2012. We initially planned to keep one pup but because there was only 4 puppies in the litter we decided to keep a dog and a bitch puppy.

Bailley loves his food, he takes after his mother Ruala in that respect. We decided to leave him at home till we feel he is ready to enter the ring. He is a very masculine puppy with excellent bone . He has a fantastic laid back nature which is a trait we hope he will pass to his puppies in due course.

Bailley has had his hips scored and may be available at stud to select bitches. We loved the Gardenway lines and felt that Bailley would be useful as a stud dog to us to improve on bone and substance. He is clear English lines .

Bailley is a lovely dog with a fantastic personality. Unfortunately we have been unable to use Bailley at stud due to his relucatance to mate a bitch. We have decided to rehome Bailley were the right home to present itself.

We plan to use Bailley in November on a bitch we have called Maddison  Nevedith May Vis at Risley..

I will try and get some pictures of Bailley in the next few weeks..