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Website Jan. 29, 2018



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Website Sep. 16, 2017

Vina Jones

Your website is a credit to you. Stunning photos as well.

Sep. 13, 2017


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Website Mar. 29, 2017


There is no match when it comes to your website.

Website Mar. 11, 2017

Phyllis McNeel

Thanks for all your efforts during this site. I found it always fun and instructive, you're a winner!

May. 24, 2016


Hi Catherine,

We are very interested in getting a Vizsla pup as our beautiful spaniel passed after a wonderful 15 years with us. Have done some research on the Breed and think it could be the perfect dog for us. If you have or are expecting any pups would love to hear back
from you.

Website Mar. 16, 2016

William Adams

I saw one of your dogs last year in Banbridge and we were greatly impressed by the stature, poise and fantastic temperament. We are considering a new dog as we greatly miss our poodle who passed away last year after thirteen great years with her. Previously
we had a Dalmatian. If you have or are planning a future litter could you please contact me for a visit and interview.

Jan. 24, 2016

Lara Curry

Researching the breed and found this web site. Stunning dogs, could be the perfect match for us!

Feb. 28, 2015

Kerry Flynn

Hi Catherine, Kerry here. Just after speaking to you on the phone. I am very interested in a pup. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Feb. 27, 2015

Terence Mc Hugh

Hi Catherine.

Interested in your vizsla breed.

You said in the reply from the other email that you had one pup left. I would be interested in a female

Website Feb. 21, 2015

Robert Brown

we are interested in a vizsla pup preferably a female as we had one before for nearly 10 years.

Oct. 29, 2014

Erica Cash


We really like both the whippet and vizsla dogs and are looking to get a pup which will be our first dog. Do you have any pups?

Appreciate your help as we want to get the right fit dog for us, 2 adults and 2 boys who are 10 and 5.

Best regards