April Cinnamon Vizsla Dream at Risley

Zeba was imported from Poland and was shown lightly last year. She will be shown more extensively this year in UK and Ireland, possibly Europe also depending on Brexit. 

Zeba is very pretty, she comes from working/ show parents and the work instinct is visible.

Zeba enjoys life And is always up to mischief. She is maturing nicely and we are hopeful she will continue to enjoy showing. 

Last year having won best puppy in puppy group.

Zeba is maturing as expected, she is outgoing and enjoys new experiences. She attended the back to back shows on 20 th & 21 st April in Dublin. On day one it was an International show and she was in junior class. We were delighted she gained her first green star and reserve BOB And first point in her junior ch title. 

On day two Zeba was in puppy class, she took green star and BOB . She didn’t do anything in the group which was expected as she is still very much a baby.