Logan x Marnie litter early 2020.

Logan x Marnie litter expected early 2020. Above is previous Risley puppy at 7 weeks of age.

Previous Risley puppy.

,Marnie will be mated to Logan next week, this will be Marnies last litter. She is a fabulous mother and we are excited at what they may produce together both being excellent examples of the breed with fabulous temperements and from health tested parents.

The puppies will be lavishley reared and enquiries are welcomed from conscietious families who want a vizsla puppy to join their home. Several puppys are already booked but at this point there is the opportunity to reserve a puppy.

If you wish to go on the wait list for a puppy we require that you complete the questionairre. You will then be put on our wait list. I would like to ask that  if you change your mind that you have the courtesy to advise myself as the breeder, as I would you if the circumastances were to change.Recently people have booked puppies and changed their minds or have already purchased a puppy,  I have only been advised when I have contacted them to advise of impending litter.When people contact me for a puppy I work on the assumption that those who have completed the questionairre and have been confirmed to be on our wait list as requiring a puppy from the litter. I then turn people away who have enquired. Therefore please consider treating others the way you would wish to be treated yourself.



Kind regards

catherine kelly