May. 8, 2014

Risley Hungarian Vizsla use bloodlines from all over the world, so far we have imported semen from the UK, and  Australia. We have also had a dog come over  from California to mate our champion bitch. We have imported puppies from abroad at considerable expense.

I have had vizsla in  excess of 20 years. We strive to improve our bloodlines  by searching the world for dogs that can help us to widen the gene pool and work towards improving  on the breed standard.

Recently their has been an issue in relation to someone wanting to  breed from a dog sold as a pet puppy.  I would therefore like to clarify we DO NOT SELL pups to be bred from.. We sell lavishley reared pet puppies.  We care about our puppies and breeding program and under no circumstances would we be willing to let a pup sold as a pet be bred from as most puppies whilst lovely pets do not have the necessary attributes to use as a stud or brood bitch. Occasionaly a dog may develop an issue whilst not life threatening to the dog concerned a decision may be made to end the line and neuter the dog to stop further pups being produced. I previously had a male that was made up to a Sh Ch but as he matured I did not like his front he was nuetered and pet homed. He could have been used at stud but there was no point producing on from this dog as he would not have brought anything to the mating, other than perhaps reproducing poor fronts.

When booking your puppy you complete a questionairre it gives us information to refer to in terms of matching puppies to families. When you visit your puppy at between 4/5 weeks you will be given the contract to read, to ensure you are happy with the content.You will also be given your shopping list to allow you to be ready for your new arrrival. The next step is 3/4 weeks later collecting  your new puppy.

During the lifetime of the puppy Risley commit to taking back any puppy or adult requiring too be rehomed, the dog will remain with us till a new home can be found. I felt it pertinent to post this information to ensure prospective puppy owners are aware of our puppy contract and aftercare.

Occasionaly we would be approached for a show quality puppy and discussions would take place on an individual basis with each interested party.The problem with purchasing an 8 week puppy to show is that there are no guarantees and this needs to be said at the outset. However we are always happy to discuss any enquiry.As pups now cannot travel into the UK or Europe till 15 weeks it gives you some additional time in relation to selection.

Oct. 25, 2013

I plan to put up photographs from Risley puppy owners, so please send any that you would be happy for us to display. Its great to hear from the new owners and to know that all is well. We offer lifetime support, and within our puppy contract any puppy requiring rehoming needs to come back to us. We feel we have an obligation to the pups that we breed to ensure that if they require to be rehomed as much time and care is taken to find a suitable home for them, and for them to remain with us for however long it takes till the right home comes along.

Jun. 23, 2013

Anyone with a Risley Vizsla puppy will be receiving an email advising them of the new facebook group for Risley puppy owners. Looking forward to seeing all the information, news and pictures of the Risley past puppies..